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Raising Exceptional Bison for More Than 18 Years

Get fresh 100% bison meat from YR Bison Ranch. We are a bison ranch dedicated to raising bison that meet the highest industry standards. We are a family-run business, of first-generation ranchers who are passionate about raising bison naturally.

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Wide Selection of Products

Our ranch offers several cuts of bison, ranging from small steaks to large subprimal cuts. We also carry processed items that are made with the trimmings and off-cuts, using all meat cuts.

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Raising Exceptional Bison for More Than 18 Years

In 2005, we commenced our journey with a modest count of 8 bison. However, as time passed, we diligently expanded both our bison herd and the expanse of our land.

To ensure the utmost quality and control over our bison's diet, we take it upon ourselves to produce our own hay. This allows us to be fully aware of the nourishment we provide to our esteemed bison.

Moreover, we tirelessly dedicate our efforts to enhance both our land and the genetics of our bison. Our objective is to continuously progress towards a sustainable future that benefits not only our bison but also the land they inhabit.


100% Bison Meat

We’re proud of the herds we’ve raised and the quality of their meat. That’s why we don’t mix fats and meats from other animals in any of our products that can hide the traits of sub-par meat. When you buy from us, you’ll get 100% high-quality Canadian bison.

Guaranteed Freshness and Safety

All our meat is provincially inspected and vacuum-sealed in plastic to ensure freshness and safety in storage. This also ensures your meat stays fresh during transit to your door.


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If you have any questions about our ranching practices or our premium bison meat, feel free to get in touch with us today. We’ll be more than happy to educate you about bison meat and why it’s a great addition to your diet.

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